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How to Check Emirates ID Fine – Check Online Free in a Minute

Follow this guide to check your fine on Emirates ID

Emirates ID card fines can be annoying and costly, but with this quick guide, you will know – how to check Emirates ID fine online in just a minute. Follow these simple steps to avoid any penalties.

Depending on the severity of the offense, fines for the violations can rack up to thousands of Dirhams.

These fines will remain on your Emirates ID card until you fully pay them. Not paying fines can be problematic. For instance, before you apply to the ICA UAE to renew your card, all fines must be paid beforehand.

Types of fines on Emirates ID

There are several government rules in UAE, and breaking them will result in paying some hefty fines. Some of the fines announced by the UAE government are listed below.

  • Covid-19 regulation violations fines
  • Jaywalking fines
  • Delayed Emirates ID renewal or registration
  • Road and Transport Authority (RTA) fines for breaking traffic laws like exceeding the speed limit, drunk driving, etc.
  • Other individual fines depend on a case-by-case basis.

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How to check Emirates ID fine?

There are two ways to check Emirates ID fines – if you want to check it online, you have to visit the Traffic Fines Inquiry page of the Abu Dhabi Police website or app. Or, if you want to do it in person – you can visit the customer service center of Emirates Identity Authority in your Emirates.

The detailed steps we have covered are below.

Method 1. Check Emirates ID fine online

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Here is how you can check Emirates ID fines online: [1]Abu Dhabi Police, “Traffic Fines Inquiry, https://es.adpolice.gov.ae/TrafficServices/FinesPublic/Inquiry.aspx”

Step 1: Vist the Traffic Fines Inquiry page

Step 2: Choose the inquiry method

You can choose to inquire by various methods such as Emirates ID, traffic number, vehicle plate, or driving license.

Step 3: Fill in details

Then, fill in the required details carefully and accurately. For instance, if you selected Emirates ID, you need to enter your Emirates ID in the given box.

Step 4: Solve captcha

At last, solve the human verification code and click on the “Submit” button.

After you have completed the steps above, all of your Emirates ID fines will be shown to you. In case of a breach, a fine will be imposed by the laws and regulations.

You will see the specifics of your penalty if you have violated it. The information includes the time, location, black points, car information, and the amount you must pay to settle the fine.

If you have not violated any laws or regulations, the screen will read, “No fines according to the conditions used in the inquiry process.”

Method 2. Check Emirates ID fine offline

Checking Emirates ID fines offline is a little more tedious than checking it online because checking fines online can be done anywhere you have internet service.

However, to check it offline, you must visit the customer service center of Emirates Identity Authority in your Emirate. Similarly, you must take your Emirates ID card with you and any other required documents.

The customer service representative will help you check your Emirates ID fine. They will be able to tell you if you have any outstanding fines on your Emirates ID card.

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Final thoughts

The Emirates ID is an essential document to know the status of fines in the UAE. All UAE residents should know how to check Emirates ID fine since anyone can make a mistake at any time.

Checking your UAE fines with the help of Emirates ID is the best way to know all about the fine imposed on you, like what it is about and how much you should pay.

Since every resident has an Emirates ID card, they don’t need other information to know how much fine they owe to the municipality. To get no fines charged, be sure to follow all regulations and avoid violating any rules.

So were you be able to check and pay your fine? If yes, please share your experience in the comments below.

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