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Burj Khalifa Dubai Mall Metro Station: Location, Map & More

Find out how to get around Dubai with ease with our Burj Khalifa/ Dubai Mall metro station guide

The Burj Khalifa Dubai Mall metro station is an ideal destination for any sightseer in the city. Not only can visitors see many famous landmarks nearby, but they can also find a variety of residential and commercial areas to stay or do business in.

Burj Khalifa metro station is located close to the iconic tower Burj Khalifa in the Burj Dubai district. It is on the red line of the Dubai metro system and is in fare zone 6. This station connects the Dubai mall directly by a pedestrian skywalk.

This guide has covered all the necessary information about arrival and departure times. Additionally, nearby attractions—like iconic malls and gleaming skyscrapers—are outlined, making it easier to explore the station conveniently.

Overview of Burj Khalifa Dubai Mall metro station

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The Burj Khalifa metro station in Dubai is an elevated station that stands tall, with the concourse and platform located above the track. This impressive, spacious station stretches 132 meters in length and 29 meters in width.

Additionally, the Dubai mall metro station is one of the busiest stations in Dubai. It has already served over 4.3 million people by half of 2022. Likewise, this impressive station can handle up to 11,000 passengers per hour in each direction. [1]Khaleej Times, “Dubai metro dominates as public transportation, … Continue reading

LocationBusiness Bay, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
LineRed line
Station CodeR25
Fare zone6
Preceding stationFinancial centre metro station
Following stationBusiness Bay metro station
Transfer stationNo
Dubai Tram connectionNo
Previous nameNA

Location of Burj Khalifa Dubai Mall metro station

Located right in the middle of bustling street life, the Burj Khalifa/Dubai mall metro station serves as a hub for locals and visitors alike who wish to explore the attractions in the surrounding areas.

To make it even easier to navigate, the Roads and Transport Authority of Dubai (RTA) has put its foot forward by deploying 11 feeder buses on two routes to get there. The F13 bus rolls along at intervals of 10 minutes, making access even more convenient. [2]Khaleej Times, “Burj dubai metro station all set to go on line, … Continue reading

Location: Business Bay, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Burj Khalifa Dubai Mall metro station schematic map

The Burj Khalifa station schematic map gives a clear overview of the station’s surrounding area. This station and other stations nearby are marked on the map. Tourist attractions, such as Burj Khalifa and other important landmarks, can also be seen on the map making navigation easier for visitors to the region. 

Here is the schematic map of the metro station:

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Burj Khalifa/ Dubai Mall metro station timings

The Burj Khalifa station opens simultaneously with other metro stations in Dubai. However, these times may differ during public holidays, so it is essential to always check for changes made during special occasions.

Below is the timetable for this metro station: [3] Government of Dubai, “Metro station opening hour, https://www.rta.ae/wps/portal/rta/ae/public-transport/timetable#DubaiMetro:~:text=Metro%20stations%20opening%20hours(for%20All%20lines)”

Days Time  
Monday to Thursday 05:00 AM – 12:00 AM (Midnight) 
Friday 05:00 AM – 01:00 AM (Next day) 
Saturday 05:00 AM – 12:00 AM (Midnight) 
Sunday 08:00 AM -12:00 AM (Midnight) 

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Services and facilities

The Burj Khalifa metro station is a modern and efficient way to travel around the city. It offers plenty of services and facilities to visitors.

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The metro station is designed to provide a safe and efficient experience with its many amenities. Not only are there information displays to alert riders of upcoming train times, but also law enforcement officers are present to ensure the safety of all commuters.

Ticketing offices and machines make it easier than ever to purchase tickets, while the designated cabins for women and children signify their security even more.

inarticle image-burj khalifa dubai mall metro station-lifts

For those in a hurry, travellators, lifts, and escalators offer a speedier alternative for quickly accessing the different levels of the platform. All in all, these features at the metro station make each trip as smooth and worry-free as possible.

Attractions near Burj Khalifa Dubai Mall metro station

The Dubai Mall metro station is an excellent spot for tourists exploring the city’s best. The iconic attractions, such as the stunning Burj Khalifa and the magical Dubai Fountain, are close to the station. And there are also plenty of excellent restaurants, hotels, and other leisure experiences in the surrounding area.

Here are some places you shouldn’t miss if you are around this metro station:

1. Burj Khalifa

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Photo Credit: Unsplash

The iconic Burj Khalifa stands close to the metro station, an architectural marvel symbol of urban excellence. Drawing its inspiration from the Spider lily flower, it stands at a dizzying 828 meters tall and consists of 160 awe-inspiring stories. [4]Burj Khalifa, “stories, https://www.burjkhalifa.ae/en/stories/”

The magnitude of this incredible feat is best expressed by its many facilities, ranging from a 5-star Armani hotel to swimming pools and health-conscious leisure centres. Furthermore, two unique observation decks provide unparalleled views of the city. No matter where you look, you will find artwork from 85 skilled artists worldwide.

2. The Dubai mall

inarticle image-burj khalifa dubai mall metro station-dubai mall

Nestled next to the metro station are Dubai Mall, a world-class shopping destination and a must-visit attraction. Boasting of having over 1200 retail outlets, two large anchor department stores, and 200 international dining experiences, this expansive mall is perfect for all types of shoppers. [5] Dubai mall, “About us, https://thedubaimall.com/en/about-us/about-the-dubai-mall”

In addition, the mall provides contemporary conveniences like free Wi-Fi, prayer rooms, and childcare services. Dubai Mall also offers an inclusive environment by providing wheelchairs and luggage drop services for those needing help navigating around the site. With so much to offer its visitors from across the globe, it is no wonder that Dubai Mall attracts over 100 million people each year.

3. Sofitel Dubai Downtown

inarticle image-burj khalifa dubai mall metro station-sofitel hotel
Photo Credit: Sofitel Dubai

The Sofitel Dubai Downtown hotel is a beautiful and luxurious addition to the attractions near the station. As Dubai’s only 5-star international hotel, its modern design and desirable location make it an ideal destination for leisure and business travellers. [6]Accor live limitless, “Sofitel Dubai downtown, https://all.accor.com/hotel/7492/index.en.shtml?utm_campaign=seo+maps&utm_medium=seo+maps&utm_source=google+Maps”

In addition to great views of Burj Khalifa and The Dubai Fountain, there is a convenient skywalk connection to the world’s largest shopping venue, The Dubai Mall. With plenty of amenities like 24/7 room service, free Wi-Fi, free parking, luxurious spa facilities and a sauna, guests will have everything they need in this beautiful oasis at the heart of the exciting city.

Related Info


How far is Burj Khalifa from the metro station?

The Burj Khalifa is only 600 meters far from the metro station. It only takes eight minutes to walk there.  

Which bus station is near the Burj Khalifa metro station?

The bus stations near the Burj Khalifa Dubai mall station are Dubai mall metro bus stop landside two and Mazaya centre 1 & 2. These stations can be reached within walking distance.

Which is the nearest metro station to Dubai mall metro station?

The nearest metro station to Dubai mall is the Business Bay metro station. It can be reached within 18 minutes on foot.  

How to reach the Metropolis tower from the Dubai mall metro?

There are several ways to get to Metropolis tower. You can take the F13, 26, or 50 bus routes. However, if you want to get there faster, you can take a taxi from the Dubai mall metro station. The journey only takes 6 minutes.  

Which bus line stops near Burj Khalifa metro station?

The bus lines that stop near the Burj Khalifa Dubai mall metro station are 30, D03, F13, 98E, 7, and 14. These bus routes stop close to the metro station, making it very convenient for visitors to reach the Burj Khalifa metro station and other parts of Dubai.  

Which metro goes to Dubai mall?

The closest metro station to the Dubai mall is the Burj Khalifa metro station. The metro link bridge allows you to walk to the Dubai mall.

How do I get from Dubai mall to Burj khalifa?

The main entrance to the Burj Khalifa is in the Dubai mall. You must go to the Dubai mall’s lower ground floor and take the Burj Khalifa elevator.

How long is the walk from the metro to Dubai mall?

The Dubai mall is 600 meters from the metro station. It takes only 8 minutes by walking to reach the mall.

Final thoughts

The Burj Khalifa Dubai Mall metro station is an ideal introduction to the culture of UAE, allowing locals and tourists a convenient way to explore the area. Its skywalk, direct from the metro to the largest mall in the world, is the perfect way to acclimatize yourself to what the country has to offer.

With its many facilities and bus services that can help you get around and numerous other iconic places nearby, this Dubai Mall metro station serves as a jumping-off point for your commute.

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