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10+ Best Companies in Al Quoz: Location & Services

Discover the top companies in Al Quoz offering unique services and products

Al Quoz is a large area in Dubai home to diverse businesses and industries. Companies in Al Quoz offer a wide variety of products and services.

Al Quoz companies offer unique products and services to cater to different needs. Arabtec Construction LLC, Trinity Mechanical Services LLC, and more are some reputed companies in the zone. 

While preparing this Dbd guide, we looked into the reputation, industry influence, and size. The team gathered information from industry reports, news articles, and online directories.

Moreover, we considered the diversity of industries represented in the area. Additionally, we factored in the impact of these companies on the local economy. 

11 best companies in Al Quoz

We have compiled a list of the 11 top companies in Al Quoz based on their ratings and reviews. These companies have earned high marks from customers for exceptional products and services.

1. Arabtec Construction LLC Dubai: Biggest Al Quoz industrial area company

inarticle image-companies in al quoz-Arabtec Construction LLC Dubai_ Biggest Al Quoz industrial area company

Arabtec Construction LLC Dubai is the largest subsidiary of Arabtec Holding PJSC. They have worked on projects in the UAE and other parts of the world, like North Africa and Asia, since 1975.

Arabtec has an excellent reputation with a portfolio of complex, long-standing projects. Their portfolio comprises over 240 projects, including Burj Khalifa.

All this success comes from their very dedicated and skilled team of workers. Also, Arabtec has long-standing relationships with clients, partners, and shareholders.


  • Construction
  • Civil design

2. Trinity Mechanical Services LLC

inarticle image-companies in al quoz- Trinity Mechanical Services LLC

Trinity Mechanical Services LLC is a renowned company based in Al Quoz with decades of experience. They provide a range of industrial services and products.

Likewise, Trinity provides repair, reconditioning, and manufacturing for oil & gas and power generation. Also, they have invested in state-of-the-art workshops complete with heavy machinery.

With three decades of experience, Trinity Mechanical Services LLC is an industry leader in Al Quoz.


  • Power transmissions systems
  • Engine parts reconditioning
  • Metal casting
  • Welding and fabrication

3. Al Shirawi Equipment Company – Al Quoz, Dubai

inarticle image-companies in al quoz- Al Shirawi Equipment Company - Al Quoz, Dubai

Al Shirawi Equipment Company, located in the industrial hub of Al Quoz. They are leading suppliers of heavy equipment throughout the Middle East. 

Al Shirawi Equipment Company aims to eliminate its Carbon footprint by 2023. Along with sales, they also offer after-sales services, including repairs, refurbishment, and reconstruction.

The company is ISO 9001-2015, ISO 14001-2015, and ISO 45001-2018certified. Also, they are authorized by ASME U & U2; National Board NB R & T stamps.


  • Food supply
  • Transportation equipment supply
  • Oil and gas power

4. Topform Technologies LLC

inarticle image-companies in al quoz- Topform Technologies LLC

Al Quoz is home to Topform Technologies LLC, established in 2010. The company offers world-class IT sales and services to its customers. 

Topform’s experienced team is dedicated to providing quality products and extraordinary customer service. They offer a wide range of cost-effective services in the IT sector. 

They provide digital marketing, hardware and software sales, and IT services. Their diverse range of services is sure to make an impact on their customers.


  • CCTV and security systems
  • Mobile app development
  • PABX and telephone systems

5. Hennessey LLC: Construction companies in Al Quoz

inarticle image-companies in al quoz- Hennessey LLC_ Construction companies in Al Quoz

Established in 1997, Hennessey LLC is one of the leading manufacturers in Al Quoz. The couple was founded by Des and Jan Hennessey and has been involved in construction projects since the 1980s.

In 2002 Henessy opened a fit-outs division. Following that, in 2007, the company added pools and landscaping divisions.

Hennessy’s ‘Design and Build’ motto expresses its aim of providing innovative services to clients. Also, their commitment to quality and innovation has boosted their reputation.


  • Bank of Oman branch construction
  • Nad Al Sheba horse track
  • Aviation club
  • Slovenian Pavilion for the Dubai Expo 2020
  • Amana Hospitals
  • DEWA Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Solar Parks

6. Union Paper Mills: Recycle factory in Al Quoz

inarticle image-companies in al quoz- Union Paper Mills_ Recycle factory in Al Quoz

Established in 1987, Union Paper Mills is a pioneer of the recycling industry in the GCC. A subsidiary of parent organization M.A.H.Y. Khoory & Co (LLC.).

Union Paper Mills produces 100% recycled products across the GCC region. It further aligns with UAE’s vision to lead as an environmentally friendly and sustainable country.

Union Paper is committed to reducing its carbon footprint via recycled products. Also, they have state-of-the-art technology to manufacture recycled products.


  • Union test liner
  • Union flute
  • Union coreboard

7. Professional Acrylic: Acrylic companies in Al Quoz industrial area

inarticle image-companies in al quoz- Professional Acrylic_ Acrylic companies in Al Quoz industrial area

Professional Acrylic, located in Al Quoz, is a one-stop shop for all your needs. related to Acrylic products. Their state-of-the-art technology allows them to create complex, large-scale fabrications.

In addition to off-the-shelf products, they also design and fabricate custom acrylic. Their team of experienced artisans excels in metal, wood, fiberglass, Aluminum & glass fabrication.

Professional Acrylic provides customers with exceptional service and superior product value.


  • Custom acrylic design and fabrication
  • Acrylic custom painting
  • Acrylic cutting and routing

8. Strong Plant for Dewatering & Drainage Services LLC

inarticle image-companies in al quoz- Strong Plant for Dewatering & Drainage Services LLC

Strong Plant represents the pinnacle of design and supply for dewatering and piling solutions. As one of the leading companies in Al Quoz, they have grown to become an innovator in product design.

The successful “Turbo-Z” dewatering pump is a favorite among different types of products. Their portfolio comprises over 1000 executed projects in the Middle East & India.

Backed by 80+ qualified personnel, they excel in rigs, cranes, and drilling machines. and accessories. Strong Plant prides itself on a fleet of 4×4 services trucks, buses, and other vehicles. 


  • Pump services
  • Rigs and cranes
  • Instrumentation and monitoring

9. Precision Plastic Products Company LLC

inarticle image-companies in al quoz- Precision Plastic Products Company LLC

Precision Plastic is a joint venture between Al Tayer Group and ARMS Group. The company has 700 employees backing its operations.

The state-of-the-art technology lets them manufacture plastic packaging, molds, and aluminum extrusion dies.

Also, they have ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 certifications for quality assurance. Precision Plastic has built a reputation as a quality supplier to various industry sectors. 


  • Plastic packaging
  • Aluminum extrusion dies
  • Heat treatment

10. National Food Industries LLC

inarticle image-companies in al quoz- National Food Industries LLC

National Food Industries LLC, established in 1977, is a household name across the GCC. for its quality snacks. They are one of the leading snack food makers in the Middle East.

NFI’s popular brands include Mr. Krisps, Emirates Pofaki, Mr. Pofak, Doodles, Bakeman’s, and Sinbad. They have a proven track record of providing high-quality snacks to please many consumers.


  • Sinbad chips
  • Tortilla chips
  • Mr. Krips

11. Jebel Pack LLC

inarticle image-companies in al quoz- Jebel Pack LLC

Jebel Pack LLC, formerly known as Jebel Pack FZC, is a leading manufacturing company in Al Quoz. They specialize in corrugated carton products 3, 2, and 5-ply.

The products use the highest quality test liner, fluting, top white/brown, and Kraft paper. Jebel Packs imports machines from Taiwan to maintain its high production standards.

Jebel Pack also boasts a strong client portfolio with NFI, IFFCO, Delta Food Industries, and E-Movers. Their production capacity is 850 metric tons per month.


  • Corner glued tray
  • Pizza box
  • Flat cardboard

About Al Quoz

Al Quoz is a neighborhood located in western Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It was built in the 1990s and had a population of about 80,000.[1]Dbpedia, “Al Quoz, … Continue reading 

In recent years, Al Quoz has become a regional and global hub for embracing designers and talents. This provides them with the resources and support they need to succeed.

Al Quoz is also home to many co-working spaces, creative hubs, industries, and warehouses. These spaces offer a range of facilities, including high-speed internet, meeting rooms, and event spaces.

It’s a dynamic and vibrant neighborhood hub for creativity and innovation. With its integrated creative ecosystem and supportive environment, that is tempting for entrepreneurs.

Related Info


Can I live in Al Quoz?

Yes, you can live in Al Quoz. Al Quoz has a residential zone along with commercial and industrial zones.[2]Gulfnews, “Guide to Al Quoz, … Continue reading

Is Al Quoz a city in UAE?

No, Al Quoz is not a city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It is a residential and industrial area located in the Emirate.

Which is the biggest company in Al Quoz?

Arabtec Construction LLC is the biggest company in Al Quoz. The company boasts over 10,000 active employees.

Final thoughts

Arabtec Construction LLC is the biggest company in Al Quoz. The company boasts over 10,000 active employees.

Al Quoz is a vibrant and dynamic area that has become a hub for businesses of all sizes and stages of growth.

From small startups to large corporations, companies in Al Quoz offer a wide range of products and services.

With a strategic location, environment, and infrastructure, the zone is a prime destination for businesses.

Whether you are a consumer or a business looking to expand or establish a new location, offices in Al Quoz have much to offer. 

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