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10+ Top MEP Companies in Dubai: Services & Location

Locate the best MEP companies in Dubai based on approach to innovation, and sustainability

The top MEP Companies in Dubai offer excellent mechanical, engineering, and plumbing services. The MEP sector is flourishing in the Emirate, from established local companies to international giants.

Dubai is a hub for the development and construction industry, and the MEP sector is integral to it. The city is home to MEP companies that help design, build and maintain buildings. Some of the top MEP contractors in Dubai are EMT, IEMS, Multiline, and more.

Our team researched, visited, and evaluated various leading MEP contractors in the city. We looked at their experience, feedback, team size, approach to innovation, and sustainability.

Our Dbd guide provides an informative and comprehensive guide to Dubai’s best MEP contracting companies.

11 best MEP companies in Dubai

MEP companies play a vital role in Dubai’s construction and industry development. They provide various services to help design, build and maintain buildings.

1. EMT Electro Mechanical Works LLC

inarticle image-mep companies in dubai-EMT Electro Mechanical Works LLC

EMT Electro Mechanical Works LLC started in 2011 and specializes in MEP design and construction.

They have a team of highly experienced engineers and technicians. They can deliver top-class quality MEP solutions on time, meeting the demands of valuable clients.

EMT also has formalities completed with Dubai Civil Defense for A+ DCD Certificates. Their services include mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection & detection, air conditioning & ventilation.

Their excellent service and high quality team makes them one of the best MEP companies in UAE.


EMT provides MEP contracting systems for high-rise buildings, shopping malls, hospitals, and mosques.

They are currently working on The Valley Development, The Address Residence Dubai Opera, G+7+R Labour Camp Building Jabal Ali, and more.

Also, EMT Electro Mechanical handle electrical work, plumbing, air conditioning, and fire protection for these projects.

2. International Electro-Mechanical Services Co LLC

inarticle image-mep companies in dubai-International Electro-Mechanical Services Co LLC

IEMS has worked with governments, semi-governments, and private businesses for over five decades. It is a part of Kinden Corporation in Japan.

IEMS works on buildings like high rise commercial, homes, hotels, hospitals, and schools. Core beliefs like trustworthiness, top quality work, and improvement impact their work.

The services they offer include HVAC systems, electrical systems, and plumbing systems. With their high-quality service and timely work delivery, they are amongst the top MEP contracting companies in Dubai.


This electro mechanical company has collaborated with different companies throughout their rich history. Some of their clients include Dubai Municipality, Emaar, Marriot, Dubai Properties, and more.

Their ongoing MEP projects are The Valley, City Tower 1 Redevelopment, Kensington Waters, and others.

Some of the projects they have completed include MEP work for The Address Hotel, Hilton Dubai, and J.W. Marriot Hotel.

3. Multiline Electro Mechanical LLC

inarticle image-mep companies in dubai-Multiline Electro Mechanical LLC

Multiline Electro Mechanical LLC is a leading MEP company that was established in 1996. It has grown from a single company to an entire group of companies over the years.

Multiline ensures that all of its client’s requirements are met promptly. It is best known for being economical without compromising quality. Customer satisfaction is their biggest priority.

This MEP contractor is constantly evolving, adapting innovations and technological advancements.


Multiline has undertaken several projects all over Dubai. They worked with Rotana 5 Star Hotel, Burjuman Center, Dubai Festival City, and more.

They provided HVAC and Electrical services to these residential and commercial properties. Installation of Ducts and managing the electronics are among its premier services.

4. Conversion Electromechanical Works

inarticle image-mep companies in dubai-Conversion Electromechanical Works

Conversion Electromechanical Works is a reputable electromechanical contracting firm founded in 2005.

Conversion Electromechanicals specialize in MEP services for various structures, including hospitals, hotels, shopping malls, commercial buildings, and factories, primarily in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar.

The company prioritizes efficient performance and adheres to stringent technical standards to promptly deliver the highest quality service. Their ultimate aim is to provide exceptional service to clients.


Conversion has a renowned clientele. They have worked with companies such as Dubai Properties, Dubai World Trade Center, and Atlas Group.

They have also worked on projects like Aykon City – Tower C, Grand Bleu Tower, Golf Palace II, and others. They provide full MEP services in most of their projects.

5. Al Shafar United for Electro-mechanical Engineering L.L.C. (ASU)

inarticle image-mep companies in dubai-Al Shafar United for Electro-mechanical Engineering L.L.C. (ASU)

ASU started as the MEP department of ASGC Group back in 1997. Now, they work on both independent and ASGC projects.

As a socially responsible company, they strive to impact their environment and communities positively.

The company makes sure its projects are on time and meet all expectations and requirements. Their services include Solar PV systems, HVAC, Fire Protection, and Plumbing & Drainage.

They always offer the best services at a good price, with quality results within a limited time frame.


ASU has completed more than hundred projects in UAE and other countries. Their clientele includes Expo Dubai, the Embassy of Pakistan in UAE, Dubai Properties, and more.

Some projects they have completed are The Palace Hotel, Abidos Hotels, The Villa, and Etihad Museum. With several high-profile projects and clientele, ASU is one of the top MEP companies in Dubai.

6. Nathan Star Technical Services LLC

inarticle image-mep companies in dubai-Nathan Star Technical Services LLC

Nathan Star Technical Services LLC is an HVAC and MEP Engineering Company in Dubai. They have been trusted by their clients for over a decade, providing dedicated services and long-term relationships.

Their teams comprise highly qualified and motivated professionals who strive to create a safe, productive, energy-efficient, and comfortable environment.

Similarly, they provide the best service with their synchronized, detailed designs preferred by the clients.

Nathan Star is committed to serving all its existing and new clients with utmost credibility.


Nathan Star provides a wide variety of services to its clientele. The electrical company install AC, repair, and maintain them.

Other services include Electrical installation & maintenance, plumbing installation & maintenance, and facility maintenance & management.

7. United Masters Electromechanical LLC

inarticle image-mep companies in dubai-United Masters Electromechanical LLC

United Masters Electromechanical (UME) is an electro-mechanical company in Dubai founded in 1995. They specialize in providing unified mechanical, electrical, and plumbing services through their integration with the ECC Group.

UME stands out because they offer innovative and challenging projects and dynamic solutions to all of its clients.

UME also designs, coordinates, and installs electromechanical works with expertise in mechanical, electrical, and plumbing services.

Even better, UME delivers its projects on time and within budget.


UME has an impressive set of collaborations with both the private and government sector.

Its private-sector clientele includes Dubai Properties, Emaar Properties, Delta Properties, and others. Government-sector clients include Dubai Municipality, Adnoc, Etisalat, and Zayed University.

Some of their ongoing projects are complete MEP services for Vida, Creek Beach, and Reem Community. Their completed projects include complete MEP services for Kalba Waterfront, Creek Rise, and Panorama.

8. Supertech Middle East Electro-Mechanical Works LLC

inarticle image-mep companies in dubai-Supertech Middle East Electro-Mechanical Works LLC

Supertech Middle East Electromechanical(STME) installs and maintains electrical, fire alarm, firefighting, HVAC, and plumbing services in UAE.

It was established in 2003 and provides MEP services for commercial, industrial buildings, infrastructure, and residential projects.

STME’s technical team professionals are highly skilled and specialized. They have qualifications from in-house training and lots of hands-on experience with MEPs in the UAE.


STME has collaborated with several clients in the past two decades. Some of their clientele includes Dubai Police, Vox, Big Chefs, Flowers, and others.

The company has completed several F&B projects for Brunch&Cake, Massimo Italian Restaurant, Cinema City, AD Agency Office, and more.

9. McMaster Electromechanical Works LLC

inarticle image-mep companies in dubai-Supertech Middle East Electro-McMaster Electromechanical Works LLC

Founded in 2009, McMaster is an MEP company in Dubai that focuses on high-quality management standards for every level of service.

They have a team of carefully selected engineers, technicians, and staff who ensure the highest quality services to their customers. The staff go through regular training and are tested and mentored.

McMaster provides services for residential buildings, schools, hospitals, hotels, commercial buildings, restaurants, churches, mosques, and even airports. Not only that, but they also handle smaller projects as well.


McMaster provides its clients HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection services.

Some notable projects they have executed include interior fit-out for Byblos Bank, API Cafe, and St Paul Cathedral. They are also involved in several other projects in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

10. Unicorn Electromechanical Works LLC

inarticle image-mep companies in dubai-Supertech Middle East Electro-Unicorn Electromechanical Works LLC

Unicorns is a customer-centric company that helps public and private sectors with MEP Engineering services like Air-conditioning, Electricals, Plumbing, and Firefighting solutions.

They have a design and construction departments to ensure their customers get the best quality services.

Unicorns’ design engineers create MEP drawings with high-standard details for hotels, offices, apartment complexes, or other high-rise buildings.

The construction managers oversee the work team to ensure all needed work gets done on time and within budget.


Unicorn has collaborated with several clients in its 15-year history. Some of their clientele include Nike, the Ministry of Energy and Industry, Huawei, and more.

Some of their projects include the complete MEP work of the MBC Office, Nike in Dubai Mall, Master Card Office, and others.

11. Bilt Middle East LLC

inarticle image-mep companies in dubai-Supertech Middle East Electro-Bilt Middle East LLC

Addtioanlly, Bilt provides services for multi-storied commercial buildings, residential buildings, hospitality buildings, hospitals & schools, and more. They also offers expert consultancy services.

The high-quality service and strong commitment have made Bilt a leading provider of MEP services in the region.


Bilt Middle East has worked with different clients over the years. Dubai Municipality, Emaar Properties, Emirates, HH The Ruler’s Court, etc., are a few of their high-profile clients.

Their ongoing projects include Burj Crown Downtown Dubai Development, Private Residences Dubai, Media Zone Development, and others. Burj Vista, Hyatt Regency, and Ritz Carlton Hotel are some of their completed projects.

How we choose the best MEP company

Choosing the right MEP company can be challenging, as there are many factors to consider. We used the following factors to choose the best MEP company:

  • Evaluated the company’s track record for delivering high-quality services.
  • Considered client feedback to assess their satisfaction level.
  • Analyzed the company’s team size, expertise, and experience.
  • Reviewed company’s safety record for compliance with protocols and regulations.
  • Assessed cost and value for money against budget.
  • Checked industry reputation to gauge standing.
  • Investigated innovation and sustainability approach to gauge commitment to improvement.

Getting a job in a Dubai MEP company

A few simple steps can make finding a job in a Dubai MEP company easy.

Check the company’s website: Most MEP firms have a dedicated career section where you can find current job openings and submit your application.

Customize your application: It’s crucial to tailor your resume and cover letter to the specific position you are applying for. Highlight your skills and experiences that align with the job requirements to make your application stand out.

Directly contact the company: Don’t hesitate to contact the company directly and inquire about any upcoming job openings or express your interest in working with them.

Utilize your network: Networking can be an effective way to stay informed about job opportunities. Connect with people already working in the company; they may have inside information about job openings that have not been advertised yet.

Be well-prepared for the interview: Research the company and the position you’re applying for before the interview. Show your enthusiasm for the company and the role, and demonstrate how your skills and experience align with the job requirements.

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What is a MEP company?

A MEP company is a Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing company. These companies provide mechanical systems, electrical systems, and plumbing systems services in buildings. [1]Reference.com, “What Is MEP Engineering?, https://www.reference.com/science-technology/mep-engineering-5497b653806970d2″

They work on these systems’ design, installation, maintenance, and repair. These companies typically provide services for commercial, industrial, and residential buildings.

Which is the best MEP company in Dubai?

EMT Electro Mechanical Works LLC is the best MEP company in Dubai. It specializes in Fire Protection, Electrical Management, Plumbing and Drainage, and Alarm & Security.

Can I get a job in an MEP company?

Yes, you can get a job in an MEP company. Most companies have a career section where you can find current job openings and submit your application.

Does MEP company hire technicians?

Yes, MEP company hires technicians. Technicians are a crucial part of any MEP company as their expertise is essential.

What services do MEP companies provide?

MEP companies in Dubai help design, build and fix things in buildings. They work on heating and cooling systems, electricity, and plumbing. They help make sure everything works well in buildings.

Final thoughts

After looking into the top MEP companies in Dubai, it is clear that they offer valuable expertise and quality service.

Every company has unique strengths, so it’s vital to consider all factors before making a final decision.

We hope our Dbd guide helped you make an informed decision on choosing the right Dubai MEP company.

It is important to consider a company’s safety record, cost, reputation, and innovation to find the best fit for your needs.

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